The ICECONE Dust Map is available!

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The Galactic Cartography Portal


The aim of the Galactic Cartography Portal is to host 3D reconstructions of the Milky Way's ISM, which were generated using information field theory methods. This portal allows the interactive visual exploration of the hosted maps.

Registered users have access to download custom regions of interest. They can be freely used for scientific research. Please consider giving credit.

Please also note, the user management is still work in progress. If you want to access the data, please contact us and we can provide accounts.

Currently, the ICECONE dust map is provided, as described in Leike et al. (2022).

The complex, multi-phase, and multi-component interstellar medium (ISM) is central to the metabolism of our Galaxy. Stars form in molecular clouds and evaporate them through radiation and supernova explosions. Magnetic fields shape the flow of heat and energetic particles. Dust absorbs starlight and X-rays and re-emits their energy in the infrared. Knowledge of the 3D structure of the various ISM components in our local environment is crucial for understanding such processes and for interpreting the extra-galactic observations they influence.